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The Wonder of Woodchip

31st July 2018

If you use woodchip for pathways, its best to lay a membrane between the soil and the chippings such as our Weedban which is designed to supress weeds whilst still allowing… Read more

Case Studies

Melanie Cabin

1st June 2018

What makes this project special? Garden buildings are a new trend as householders look to create extra living space around their home without the expense or hassle of planning and… Read more

Case Studies

Contemporary Decking

1st May 2018

What makes this project special? The customer required an existing old decking area to be refurbished and extended, with extra supporting posts, new Decking boards, Loglap… Read more


A Remarkable Achievement’

6th April 2018

Walford Timber are proud to announce that for the FOURTH year in a row they have been shortlisted as a national finalist in the Wood Protection Association (WPA) awards in the category of quality excellence. Read more

Case Studies

Lap Panel Fencing

1st April 2018

What makes this project special? The customer wanted to replace an aged Waney lap fence with a similar product. The job required a large quantity of panels over an unusually steep… Read more


A new shed or a garden building?

29th March 2018

So why not make use of the land you own outside as well as inside your home. If space is a premium and you’re looking to store more, how about a new garden shed? We offer garden… Read more

Case Studies


1st March 2018

What makes this project special? The customer wanted to create a partially covered seating area attached to their house. Kevin suggested a pergola as this would afford a degree of… Read more

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