Stakes & Rails

Timber stake and rail fencing is often used in rural properties or in properties with large gardens, field or paddocks, as well as agricultural premises.

This type of fencing tends to be used to mark a boundary or to restrict the movement of animals. It is bought and installed for its strength and provides a low-cost solution when you don’t want to restrict the view of your surroundings.

Round and half-round post and rail options

At Walford Timber, we offer half-round stakes, as well as round and half round stakes and strainers. These are incised or tanalised and are made from FSC certified timber, helping to ensure it longevity and quality. Our unique D shape rail also makes an ideal hand rail, as well as a fence rail.


Timber fence rails tend to be nailed to intermediate posts at 1.8m centres. The joints should also be staggered to ensure even distribution of the fence’s weight.

An alternative installation method is to set the posts at 3.6m centres, with a post in the centre of the bay pointed and driven into the ground. The rails are then nailed to it, to help stop the rails from bowing.

If you are using the fence to restrict the movement of animals, we recommend fixing half-round rails with nails from behind, so that the rail can be pushed into the nail if an animal leans against it.


Adding galvanised wire stock fencing is perfect for creating a pet or small animal enclosure. It also provides support and protection for new shrubs and hedges in gardens.

Everything you need for a professional installation

In addition to quality stakes and rails, we also offer all the materials, tools and treatments you need to ensure a professional installation.

Professional installation

We are always happy to offer advice on making the right timber purchase for your requirements. We can also put you in touch with a local installer or contractor who can manage the installation work for you.

For more information and product advice, please call us on 01989 940 027.