Palisade Fencing

Timber palisade fencing is sometimes referred to as picket fencing and is a traditional fencing solution, often used in a cottage or rural garden.

At Walford Timber, we are pleased to offer a range of palisade fencing that includes pre-made panels and posts, as well as individual pales for self-assembly.

Palisade panels can have either flat, round or pointed tops and are constructed to order using 22x75mm pales, fixed to a 38x75mm backing rail which can be pressure-treated in brown or green. To create a more decorative finish the panels can also be manufactured with a concave top. 

Everything you need for a professional installation

In addition to quality palisade fencing panels, we also offer all the materials, tools and treatments you need to ensure a professional installation.

Professional installation

We are always happy to offer advice on making the right timber purchase for your requirements. We can also put you in touch with a local installer or contractor who can manage the installation work for you.

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