Raised Beds

Raised beds are a popular addition to many gardens.

Our pressure treated solid timber, raised beds are constructed using a unique 100mm D shaped rail and are very easy to maintain, typically providing a smaller area to keep weed and pest free. Much easier to weed because of their size and comfortable working height, soil remains easier to work promoting good root growth, plus plant feeds can be more accurately and economically applied to promote growing.

Raised planters also help you establish planting in difficult areas such as on a hard surface, making them ideal in an urban environment where good quality soil may not always be easily available. Perfect for novice gardeners looking for results with minimum maintenance, our raised beds keep your garden neat and tidy, allowing easy access around your garden separated typically by either lawn, paving or gravel.

Another advantage of raised beds is because they are raised off the ground, they offer excellent drainage and will warm quicker than garden soil in the Spring helping keen gardeners promote a longer growing period each year.

Finally, they are easy to access for persons of reduced mobility.

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