Closeboard Fencing

Looking for more substantial timber fencing? Closeboard timber fencing is a popular choice when you want a durable solution and privacy in your garden.

Our closeboard timber fencing is constructed on site from feather edge boards, posts, rails, gravel boards and brackets, and is tailor made to fit the space required.

At Walford Timber, our 2ex 22mm feather edge boards are pressure-treated and come with a 10 year product guarantee which protects against manufacturing defects and fungal decay. The feather edge boards are available in 2 widths and 7 lengths, which reduces waste and ensures a perfect fit, whatever your requirements.

Our PermaTimber fence posts also come with a 15 year product guarantee and are available with or without notches for installation purposes.

To create a framework for your fence, we offer preformed rails in a range of sizes. These rail styles include flat rails, arris rails, cant rails, capping and counter rails, and special brackets to help with installation.

We recommend installing closeboard fencing with a gravel board (either timber or concrete) to help reduce the risk of moisture damage and extend the life of your fence panels. 

Top tip

If you decide to use closeboard fencing for your garden, we recommend budgeting for capping rails and gravel boards too. To ensure a professional finish that gives your fence maximum protection, we also advise our customers to use a wood preservative on their fencing.

Professional installation

At Walford Timber, we are always happy to offer top tips and advice. We can also put you in touch with a local installer and contractor who can help manage your fencing project. Call us on 01989 940 027 and speak to our team about our Installer Network for more information.

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For more information and advice on closeboard timber fencing, please call our team on 01989 940 027.