Fittings & Accessories

To help guarantee a seamless installation and longevity for your fence panels, Walford Timber has put together a range of fittings and accessories.

We offer a wide variety of fittings and accessories for any type of fencing panel. For example, round galvanised wire staples and nails are perfect for the installation of wire fencing, post and rail or stake and rail.

We also recommend using Spax screws in your fence panel installation, as they significantly reduce screwing-in torque and therefore the risk of the timber splitting. They also have a WIROX surface for protection against corrosion.

As part of our range of fittings and accessories, we also offer a collection of galvanised steel brackets and clips, such as arris rail brackets, which are ideal for repairing broken arris rail on a closeboard fence or for use with square un-notched posts. 

Professional installation

At Walford Timber, we are always happy to offer tips and advice on making the right purchase for your requirements. We can also put you in touch with a local installer or contractor who can manage the installation for you.

For more information and advice, please call us on 01989 940 027.