Posts & Gravel Boards

At Walford Timber, we are pleased to offer a range of timber posts and fencing panels to complement and enhance any home. From traditional wooden timber posts and gravel boards, to more contemporary concrete board solutions, we have every style you will need.

Our PermaTimber fence posts have been manufactured from FSC certified timber and are guaranteed for 15 years against fungal decay and wood-destroying insects. They also carry a WPA Benchmark approval. Our fence posts are supplied in a range of sizes and in brown and green treatments, setting the industry standard for timber fence posts. Our posts can also be supplied with notches to aid installation.

We also offer specialist laminated posts for decking areas, gazebos and arbours, which have been designed to minimise splits and twisting.

Our timber gravel boards can also help reduce the risk of moisture damage to your fencing. We offer a range of timber for path edging which is great for creating a new path or re-defining its boundaries to enhance the look of your garden.

Looking for a more contemporary finish? Try our concrete posts. We offer a complete range including pre-slotted posts, corner posts, end posts and recessed posts, along with concrete spurs and gravel boards.

Our post and rail timber fencing is a traditional fencing solution that creates a quintessential rural look. It is a popular choice and is often found in country properties or properties with large gardens, fields or paddocks. It is also a great option for agricultural and equestrian premises.

Post and rail timber fencing is often used to mark a boundary or restrict the movement of animals. Installed for its strength, it provides a low-cost option when you don’t want to restrict the view of your surroundings.

Everything you need for a professional installation

In addition to quality palisade fencing panels, we also offer all the materials, tools and treatments you need to ensure a professional installation.

Professional installation

We are always happy to offer advice on making the right timber purchase for your requirements. We can also put you in touch with a local installer or contractor who can manage the installation work for you.

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Fence panels – available in timber or concrete to help secure your fence panels. Our PermaTimber fence posts also come with a 15 year guarantee.

Post Mix, Rugby Premium Concrete and Ballast – fix your fence posts safely and securely with our range of products.

Metal post supports – we offer a complete range of metal supports in a variety of sizes that can be bolted securely or driven into the ground.

Fence caps and finials – protect your posts from damage or add a decorative finish to your fencing with our range of fence caps and finials.

For more information and product advice, please call us on 01989 940 027.