Fence Panels

Our fencing panels are available in pre-made standard sizes and tend to be quick and easier to install. They can also be easily fixed into place between timber or concrete fence posts.

Walford Timber is pleased to offer a wide range of timber fence panels. From traditional lap panels, which are the most popular panel type in the country, to the more modern closeboard or more decorative solutions such as lattice, interwoven or hazel hurdles, we offer timber fence panels for any requirement.

Our timber fencing is all pressure-treated to ensure durability and longevity. Pressure- treated fence panels are also known as tanalised fence panels. This is an industrial treatment process that ensures the panels last, when compared to un-treated or dipped panels.

Professional installation

At Walford Timber we are always happy to offer top tips and advice. We can also put you in touch with a local installer and contractor who can help manage your fencing project. Call us on 01989 940 027 and speak to our team about our Installer Network for more information.

A guarantee that matters

All of our pressure-treated timber comes with a 10 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects and fungal decay. We also offer a 15 year guarantee on our PermaTimber fence posts, meaning you can be confident your product will last for many years.

Fence panels with timber posts

Fence panels should be fixed with screws, galvanised nails or with specialist clips. Installing the panel a minimum of 50mm above the ground, or on top of a gravel board, helps to deter moisture damage and increases the longevity of your fencing. If your post has been cut to size, we advise the cut end is not put in the ground as this can lead to a risk of moisture ingress.

Fence panels with concrete posts

Fencing panels can also slide into pre-made channels in concrete posts. Again, to prevent moisture damage, they should be installed a minimum of 50mm above the ground. However, if you would like a gap under your fencing panel, consider using a gravel board.

Related products

Fence posts – available in timber or concrete to help secure your fence panels. Our PermaTimber fence posts also come with a 15 year guarantee.

Post Mix – a rapid setting mix that fixes posts firmly and securely into the ground. No mixing required.

Metal post supports – we offer a complete range of metal supports in a variety of sizes that can be bolted securely or driven into the ground.

Timber Treatment – protects your fencing from the risk of moisture and damage.

Nails and staples, brackets and clips – speed up installation and ensure durability for your fencing.

For more information and product advice, please call us on 01989 940 027.