Lap Panel

Our lap panels are a popular choice for gardens when it comes to looking for quality on a budget as they are designed and manufactured in our company’s workshop. They are the strongest and most durable fence panels on the market today and are available in two colours and five sizes.


Width: 1.89m

Height options: 1.848m, 1.695m, 1.543m, 1.238m, 0.933m


Available in two treatments – brown and green


Our lap panels are fully framed with 5 x vertical 18 x 38mm battens on both sides for added strength and sturdiness. The lap panel designs create a professional, smart finish to enhance any garden.

Our lap panels come with a 10 year product guarantee for maximum protection. Our products are produced from FSC certified timber, from a sustainable and well-managed source.

Item Qty Price (inc VAT)
1.829m (w) x 1.848m (h)
Local delivery only
14 days lead time
? £26.22
1.829m (w) x 1.695m (h)
Local delivery only
14 days lead time
? £25.14
1.829m (w) x 1.543m (h)
Local delivery only
14 days lead time
? £23.38
1.829m (w) x 1.238m (h)
Local delivery only
14 days lead time
? £19.33
1.829m (w) x 0.933m (h)
Local delivery only
14 days lead time
? £16.39

Jargon buster

Lap panels are also known as waney lap panels, larch lap panels, overlap or straight lap panels.

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If you do not want to install your panels yourself, contact us at Walford Timber and we can put you in touch with a reliable local network of fencing installers and contractors who will manage everything for you.


To maintain and preserve your lap panel fencing, we recommend using our specialist fencing timber treatments. Click here to see our timber treatment products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. You can call us on 01989 940 027 or visit us. 

Customer Reviews

We had 6 of these panels delivered, they are good quality and are well made. The delivery service was very handy and also reasonably priced.

The chap on the phone was very friendly, overall I’m very happy.

This was from the Cheltenham branch.

Posted on 14/04/2012 by Steve H

Bought 5 panels of various sizes plus a post, which were conveniently delivered free. They are much better quality than the last ones I bought at a well known DIY store, being better made using more timber. My left-over old panel fitting brackets fitted these perfectly, whereas the other panels were too thin and needed padding out with extra wood to fit the brackets.

Posted on 26/05/2016 by Steve B

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