Top tips to protect your fence this winter

Top tips to protect your fence this winter

As you wrap up warm and protect your homes and vehicles against the biting temperatures of winter, it’s also an important time to care for your timber fencing to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Fencing can be a vital part of your garden design but it is often the one part of the home people tend to forget to maintain and care for meaning it is more likely to suffer during the harsh winter weather. At Walford Timber we are proud to have been supplying quality fencing products for over 70 years and over that time we have come up with great tips for protecting your fencing during winter.

1. Overhanging branches

Winter isn’t normally a particularly inviting time to get out into the garden to do some general maintenance or planting but it’s worth bearing in mind that certain things can be a real menace if they are not looked after in winter. Overhanging branches in particular can cause a lot of costly damage if not cared for appropriately. The weight of snow on overhanging branches could cause the branches to bend dangerously close to your fence and may even break under the weight. Tree branches also cause moisture to drip onto your fence increasing the moisture in the wood, increasing the risk of wood rot. Your fencing could also discolour due to the transfer of organic matter during winter.

2. Check stability of your fence posts

Sturdy and stable posts are absolutely vital to ensure your fence stays upright during any season but particularly against the harsh weather of winter. Rain adds a lot of moisture to the soil in your garden making the ground softer; therefore it is important to check your fence posts are still held secure and straight. This will help to ensure they can support the weight of your fence in all seasons. It may be worth adding additional post mix to the base of the post if movement starts to creep in. At Walford Timber, our PermaTimber fence posts come with a 15 year guarantee as standard, and our post mix is some of the most competitive on the market.

3.Damaged panels

Winter can often seem a bit of a battle between your fence panels and the elements with strong winds, cold temperatures, frost and even snow to contend with. We advise regularly checking your fences for any damage and to replace or repair any broken panels as soon as possible. This regular maintenance will prevent any damage from spreading further throughout your fence and causing the whole fence to weaken.

4.Treat the wood

A good idea is to coat your timber fencing with good quality treatment to preserve the quality and colour of the wood. At Walford Timber we supply Ronseal One Coat Fencelife, an advanced, quick drying fence treatment that protects all rough sawn garden timber from the effects of weather with fade-resistant colour in just one coat. This treatment is also safe for plants and pets.


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