Top tips to reduce the risk of moisture damaging your fence

Top tips to reduce the risk of moisture damaging your fence

1. Mind the gap!

Wherever possible we recommend you leave a 50mm gap between the bottom of your fence and the ground. If you need your fence to go right down to the ground then use a specialist gravel board.

2. Is your post the right way up?

If you need to trim your fencing post to size make sure you don’t fix the end you have trimmed into the ground as cut timber is always more prone to moisture ingress.

3. Always wear a cap on rainy days.

Fence posts wherever possible should always be finished off with a post cap or finial. Not only do they look good and smarten your installation they also help protect your post against the risk of moisture damage.

If you’re having closeboard fencing then in addition to making sure you have a gravel board at the base of your fence make sure you also protect the top edge of your fence boards by fixing a capping rail that will help stop the risk of your fence bowing.

4. A little and often is always best.

Regular low maintenance is the best way to keep your fence in tip-top condition. Make sure you check your fence regularly for signs of damage, replacing fence panels, fence posts and fence boards as you go and regularly protect your timber with an extra coat of timber preservative or treatment. Winter is a great time to do this as vegetation is at its lowest which makes it much easier to gain access to your fence and to inspect it.

5. Keep on top of the vegetation. 

Overhanging branches and vegetation can cause a lot of costly damage if not maintained appropriately. Climbing plants need pruning and training to not damage your fence whilst the weight of snow on overhanging branches could cause the branches to bend dangerously close to your fence and may even break under the weight. Tree branches also cause moisture to drip onto your fence increasing the moisture in the wood, resulting in wood rot. Your fencing could also discolour due to the transfer of organic matter during winter. 


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