PermaTimber - Guaranteed to Last

PermaTimber - Guaranteed to Last

We're putting the spotlight on our Permatimber brand to start the year as we remind everyone what makes it stand out from other timber you can buy.

So what is PermaTimber?

PermaTimber is an exclusive range of pressure treated, incised timber products that is guaranteed against fungal decay and wood destroying insects for 15 years. It’s Benchmark Approved by the Wood Protections Association (WPA).

What is incising?

Using specialist machinery prior to treatment, a series of incisions is cut into the ground contact area of the timber allowing for far greater preservative treatment uptake.

Where is it used?

PermaTimber is specifically designed for use in ground contact (i.e. fence posts, sleepers, decking joists and posts etc).

What timber is used?

PermaTimber is produced using UK grown FSC Certified Spruce, as well as some Larch and Douglas fir. This means is comes from well managed and sustainable sources

Has it been independently tested?

PermaTimber products have been independently tested by the BRE who concluded that they meet the requirements for BS8417 (2011) for a desired service life of 15 years.

Is it value for money?

The majority of cost when installing timber products such as a fence or gate is usually the labour costs. If timber has to be replaced earlier than expected this can be both time consuming and costly. PermaTimber products therefore represent great value for money when considering the whole-life cost of your products. True peace of mind for your home that will pay dividends for many years to come.

See for yourself the difference we make

You’re always welcome to come along to our branch so we can show you PermaTimber and see for yourself the difference we make. If not now, then do at least have a quick look at our new fact sheet for more details.

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