Trellis Panels

Trellis panels are very popular wooden timber panels with many garden uses, including creating boundaries, making a feature or display, providing a screen, defining an area of the garden, supporting climbing plants, or improving the appearance of existing fencing by the addition of extra height.

Our standard timber trellis panels are manufactured in the Walford Timber workshops from 18 x 38mm battens that are treated in brown or green. Our range of double trellis options also offer additional privacy and use 19 x 25mm battens to reduce the size of the holes between each batten.

Our trellis panels are available with square and diamond lattice effects. We also offer convex or concave shaped panels and fans that create a feature to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Everything you need for a professional installation

In addition to quality Trellis fencing panels, we also offer all the materials, tools and treatments you need to ensure a professional installation.

Professional installation

We always recommend that trellis timber panels be installed between posts, on a wall or as part of a run of fencing. The trellis panels can be attached to fence posts by nailing through the side battens into the post, or by using a fence panel clip. This would also make it easier to remove or replace at a later date. We are always happy to offer advice on making the right timber purchase for your requirements. We can also put you in touch with a local installer or contractor who can manage the installation work for you.

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